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Premium Handmade Cigars 

Light it up and enjoy life for a while. Our business in Miami, Florida, sells handmade and flavorful cigars made in Miami and the Dominican Republic. They are sold in quantities of 1, 5, 10 or 20.

Simply the Best Smokes

Figaro Cigars offers premium handmade cigars at affordable prices. Our cigars range in strength from mild to full.

Cigars, Cuban Seed Cigars in Homestead, FL

Styles & Sizes

We carry several different cigar wraps from the commonly known Connecticut, Habano and Maduro to the unique Barber Pole. We also carry various sizes depending on your smoking preference, such as Toro, Box Pressed, Torpedo™, Churchill™, Robusto™, Figurados, etc..

Cigar Tips

The shelf life on our premium cigars last as long as a year. Keep in mind, cigars should be stored at  humidity levels between 68% and 72%. If the humidity level is too low, they dry out. If it is too high, it can create mold. Storing your cigars in a humidor is the best way to control the humidity. The ideal temperature for cigar storage is between 68-70 F.

Shipping Services

Figaro Cigars ships your order within five business days from the purchase. Depending on your needs, orders are shipped using several different options: FedEx®, UPS®, or USPS.

Contact us for handmade cigars that are flavorful and affordable.